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Christina & Pierre

On a beautiful fall afternoon on Monday, October 30th, 2017, in front of a large gathering of family and friends that traveled across oceans, Christina and Pierre vowed for each other their unconditional love and joined together to strengthen each other in all that life will bring to them, and to be with each other in the new world that is only theirs.

The Cinematic Film

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The Cinematic Film, the centerpiece of our wedding products, goes beyond the wedding day in an artfully-produced presentation starring the bride and groom as they share stories about life, love, and happiness. The Cinematic Film is a legacy that will be passed on to their friends, family, and children for generations to come.

Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is captured in its entirety from multiple camera angles and presented as if it were broadcast live. A unique experience for the bride and groom as they re-live the ceremony from a completely different perspective - as spectators. 

Special Performances

Special tributes and performances add to the uniqueness of a wedding or reception. This event spotlighted a family member who took to the stage with a beautiful piano performance to pay tribute to those who were present in spirit. 

Reception Highlights

The reception is an eventful evening of laughs, tears, and love. Memorable moments from the reception merge into an exciting and engaging highlight presentation. 

Personalized Messages

After the newlyweds returned from their honeymoon, they were surprised and delighted to receive these heartfelt words from parents and family members. 

Social Media Surge

While the cinematic pieces are in post production, your audience need not wait to get a glimpse of what lies ahead. A continuous stream of images and brief "moments" selected from the cinematic footage are provided on a daily basis to be shared on all of your social media channels. 


Viviana & Brandon 


Viviana and Brandon had already been happily married for nearly eighteen years before deciding to have an official marriage ceremony along with their three daughters and close friends and family. They reached out to Wooden Box Films to capture their special day to share with those who could not attend, and to provide a legacy of memories to their children.

Ceremony Highlights

This wedding highlight combines a narrative adapted from words spoken by the Catholic priest who officiated the wedding ceremony, and footage from several cameras inconspicuously placed inside the church. 


In addition to captured video of the event, Wooden Box Films also provided the photography, including portraits of the groomsmen before the ceremony, wedding party grand entrances, newlyweds walking down the aisle, and candid celebratory shots at the conclusion of event. Here are some of the images.  

Secret Announcement

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Viviana had a special surprise in store for her husband Brandon with a secret message presented by their three daughters. He was unaware of the blank paper that would later be filled with the announcement of a new family member. A few days after this photo was taken, Brandon received the surprise message.

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Alexandria & Neil

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Alexandria and Neil simply had no clue that a video about their new life together was being crafted. Wooden Box Films had been working clandestinely behind the scenes with the groom's parents to create a special gift - a heartfelt message of life, love, and happiness to be remembered time and time again. 

Covert Cinema

It was no easy task to disguise the production that was taking place directly in front of the bride and groom. Wooden Box Films substituted professional gear with a modest and inconspicuous rig - a smart phone, a miniature gimbal, and a lavalier microphone! Additional equipment would simply arouse suspicion, so it was necessary to take advantage of natural environmental conditions to provide optimum audio and video quality. 


Here are screenshots from the smartphone-produced film