Our Signature Story Film

Our Signature Cinematic Story Film Starring the Bride & Groom with Custom Music Score (12-15 minutes)


Wedding Highlight Story Film (3-6min.)

Here is a sample of Wooden Box Film's Wedding Highlight Story Film that spotlights moments from the ceremony and reception. The story is told through a narrative track crafted from audio captured throughout the wedding day, including the vows, the officiant, or the toasts.


Ceremony Highlight Film (3-6min.)

Here is a sample of Wooden Box Film's signature 3-6 minute wedding ceremony highlight film. In this alternative version, the couple chose to have a narrator tell their story over recording their wedding vows.


Full Wedding Ceremony Film

The wedding ceremony is captured in its entirety from multiple camera angles and presented as if it were broadcast live. This film is an exciting experience for the bride and groom as they re-live the ceremony from a completely different perspective - as spectators.


Reception Highlight Film (2-3min.)

Here is a sample of a 2-3 minute reception highlight film that is comprised of the most exciting and memorable moments including the entrance, first dance, speeches and toasts, dancing and celebrating, cake cutting, and more.


Message Films

On-location captures of friends, family, and parents of the bride & groom.