Our pricing takes you through 3 easy steps. It all begins with professional filming services in Step 1. Next, Choose how we edit your footage in Step 2. And finally, choose add-ons in Step 3.

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1. Filming

The first step in creating your films begins with professional filming services. We film your day, starting with the bride and groom getting ready, through the wedding ceremony and reception, and finally ending with the formal exit. $1,200

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2a. Narrative Film

Our signature “Narrative Film” is our most popular and favorite choice. The story is told through a narrative crafted from the officiant, vows, and toasts, while moments captured throughout the day provide breathtaking cinematic visuals. $600

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2b. Full Ceremony

The entire ceremony is presented from multiple camera angles as if it were broadcast live. This film is an exciting experience for the bride and groom as they re-live the ceremony from a completely different perspective - as spectators. $200



If you purchase all of the above items, then you will also receive the following at no charge:

dedicated web page • personalized USB drive & heirloom wooden box • social media bundle

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3. Add-ons

Full Toasts Film - $300

Raw Footage Stored to Included Hard Drive - $500

Additional USB Drive & Heirloom Wooden Box - $100



Narrative Film

Full Ceremony